Garmin Smartwatch comparision table 2024

Hey guys, here is the smartwatch comparison table. With some interesting finds.

My pick currently would be the Fenix 7X – you can find Amazon US and European pricing here.

For the other Smartwatches on the list check prices on Amazon here.

Itemlist price eurEU sale priceBattery life daysGarmin PayDisplayLedTitanRelease datePress release linkNotes
Forerunner® 255€369.00€267.0014YesMIP2022-06 touch screen
Instinct® Crossover – Standard Edition€419.0028YesMIPNo2022-11
Instinct® 2 Solar€469.0028YesMIP2022-02
Instinct® 2X Solar€469.00€359.0040YesMIPYes2023-04
Forerunner® 265€519.0013 (5)YesAMOLED2023-03
Venu® 3€519.0014 (5)YesAMOLEDNoNo2023-08
Forerunner® 955€569.0015YesMIP2022-06
Forerunner® 965€679.00€546.0023 (7)YesAMOLEDYes2023-03
fēnix® 7 – Standard Edition€679.0018YesMIPNo
fēnix® 7X – Solar Edition€879.00€529.0028YesMIPYes2022-01
fēnix® 7 Pro – Solar Edition€879.00€618.0018YesMIPYesNo2023-05
epix™ Pro (Gen 2) – Standard Edition | 47 mm€979.0016 (6)YesAMOLEDYes2023-05
fēnix® 7X Pro – Solar Edition€989.0028YesMIPYesNo2023-05
fēnix® 7X Pro – Sapphire Solar Edition€1,089.0028YesMIPYesYes2023-05


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